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What is an Executive Suite?.. The term "executive suite" is used to describe serviced office space or shared office space and desk rental facilities in a corporate-styled environment. Executive suites are typically housed in modern office buildings with the "prestige" of the address being a key factor in pricing. In essense, executive suites serve as the "corporate office" of small businesses, sole practioners and corporate satellite locations.

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Traditional Office Space For Lease in Los Angeles, : If you are looking for 500 sq.ft. or more of unfurnished office space for rent or lease consider a traditional office lease. A traditional lease provides only the physical space. Furniture, equipment (and sometimes interior improvements) are paid for by the tenant. A 12-month lease commitment is the bare minimum with most buildings requiring a 3 to 5 year lease. Lease rates are typically expressed in dollars per square foot per year ($/sf/yr). Some buildings quote rent on a "Net" basis in which the building expenses are billed separately to the tenant. Other buildings quote rent on a "Gross" basis which include the building's expenses in the rent.

Executive Suites and Serviced Office Space in Los Angeles, : If you need one or more private furnished offices (either full time or "on demand") in a high quality office building with a prestigious business address consider executive suites. . Executive suites are sometimes referred to as shared office space or serviced office space. The cost of executive suites is a function of the qualitiy of the building, the business services provided and the "prestige" of the address. Executive suites typically require a 6 to 12 month lease commitment. However, month-to-month rentals are available.

Co-working or Work Space in Los Angeles, : If you are looking for physical work space in an informal, "open" office setting with the opportunity to interact with other like-minded professionals, consider a work space facility. Workspace and co-working sites are often located in creative loft or high tech environments. Considerable focus is paid to creating a pleasant, informal atmosphere with opportunites to interact with other workers. Many facilities are marketed as "a chic coffee shop atmosphere without the distractions". Many workspace facilities are membership-based with a monthly service fee (and or a sign-up fee). Plans range from hourly to monthly access & billing.

Virtual Office Space (w/ Local Presence) in Los Angeles, : If you do not need physical office space, but would like to have a business "presence" in a given city (such as a mailing address & local telephone number). Virtual office space typically provides mailbox services such as mail forwarding and a local telephone number with answering services. Most virtual office plans include a setup fee and a monthly service fee. - Focused on Office Space since 1998

OfficeDirectory has been helping businesses find office space for rent or lease since 1998 and remains dedicated to providing the best tools to assist you in your office space search. Unlike other popular real estate sites, we focus exclusively on office space. This allows us to provide our users with simple to use search tools that consistently provide relevant search results.









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